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We have 3 girls that are pregnant!!  Now taking deposits, check out our breeding page.  Contact us for more information.     (updated 5-2-24)


Why we wanted to breed Siberian cats

After always being allergic to cats and hearing my husband say how much he loved cats, I did months of research on hypoallergenic cats.  I found the Siberian and sought out a breeder near me.  After making a 2 hour trip to see if my allergies flared in the home of the kitties, (and they didn't) I decided to purchase one.  This was a surprise birthday gift to my husband.  He was very skeptical and didn't want to have to send the kitty away.  After we got Oliver (our first, neutered male) he was thrilled that I did not have an allergic reaction.  We then decided that we wanted to help others who suffer from allergies enjoy cats.  What an awesome thing for someone to be able to enjoy the affection of a cat without the allergy symptoms. We started our home based cattery after getting our first Siberian in 2018.  The Siberians we breed and the other catteries we work with, breed for a low Fel-d1 protein level in cats.  This protein is usually the one people are allergic to.  Siberians are known to have lower levels.  Please check out the allergy information page for more on this.  We enjoy our cats beyond belief.  They hang with our dogs, greet us at the door when we come home, have loving personalities and follow us around the house.  What a joy!  I hope we can help others with allergies find a forever friend!

All of our cats and kittens are raised underfoot in our home.  They are used to dogs, other cats, birds and of course us!



Our first litter of kittens at 5 weeks old.

20190109_172504 (2).jpg

Itty Bitty and Oliver

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