Our Queens


aka Itty Bitty 

fel d-1   2.0  

She is a snuggle bug!  She gets along with dogs, kids and other cats. She loves to play with toys and her best buddy Oliver.  She is always ready when treat bag opens!  


Fel d 1    2.0

Brown classic tabby with white came to us from Basilic Blessings

with a beautiful confirmation.  She Loves to be around the other animals and with us. She becomes more beautiful everyday as she matures.  She is going to be a wonderful mom.

First breeding the first part of 2020.


Fel d 1    1.6

Octavia is a black smoke.  She came to us from Peach Hill Siberians.  She has a wonderful personality.  Wants to be in the middle of everything.  Loves to play with anything she can!

first breeding the first part of 2020


Fel D 1 - 1.3

Black amber marbled tabby with white

from Peach Hill Siberians.  She is so loving and energetic!  playing and cuddling all the time!


Fel D 1  - 1.2

Brown marbled Tabby with white out of  our Tabitha and Ace from Whites Farm.  She is a fun loving energetic girl, very curious!  Loves attention and being brushed.

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