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About Siberians

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The Siberian is a medium to large sized long haired cat. The Siberian should look like a large strong cat, and when picked up feel solid and bulky. This is what is referred to as "heft". The Siberian is described as round : a rounded body shape, round eyes, round ears set wide apart, with a round sweet face. This roundness sets them apart from the Maine Coon, who is described as having a triangular face, triangular body, and large triangular ears; or the Norwegian Forest Cat who has rectangular features.


The Siberian's fur is medium long and the coat is dense and resilient to water and cold. They should have an abundant ruff setting off a large head, and large rounded feet with tufts of hair between the toes, and a full tail. Siberians do shed, some frequently and others a few times a year. Keeping them groomed is a must in order to prevent mats from developing.


They come in many different colors and patterns, including but not limited to black, red, blue, white, calico, smoke, color point, mackerel or classic tabbies, etc.

Their personality is mellow and they are devoted to their owners, often greeting them at the door. Their voices are quiet and pleasant, full of trills and chirps. It is often said that they are more like dogs than cats, following you around and easily learning to play fetch or climbing into the shower with you.

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