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Below are client responses after they get home with their new kitten from us.  This is one of the reasons we do this, to make people happy!!

Wonderful, amazing, so loving. Within an hour after getting home she was cuddling with my husband and I and slept with us all night.  Thank you, to both of  you for a beautiful kitten with a wonderful personality and a great adoption experience.



Thank you guys again for a wonderful experience as first time cat people!! You made it very enjoyable and easy...we couldn't be happier our decision!  She has such a sweet personality and loves to be held, and she is so intuitive and well trained.  Tell Mike he was so right about her!!
One more thing...I have a bad history with cat allergies, but haven't had even the slightest of symptoms with her and she has slept right up by my face the last two nights!


Good!! He was up early wanting breakfast, but he slept with us all night and is settling in nicely.  Very active and LOVES to play!


She is doing great!  She is so amazing with the kids.  So gentle and loving!
She is the sweetest!  She would spend all day on my lap if she could.  She is so great with the kids and we all love her.  Thank you so much!

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