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Grand Vivalavita of Mainely Siberian

                         "Simba"   Retired

DOB 6-10-2019

Fel d 1    3.0

Simba is a great man!  He is the most loving kitty ever.  He likes to play, lay in the sun and "find the girls!"  Simba is very social and loves rubs on his ears and chin!  He passes his fun loving genes on to his babies!


Vanilla Sky Izmail of Mainely Siberian

DOB  9-05-2020

Marmalade is a wonderful cat.  He likes a lot of lovin'!
He is very social and loves to play.  He wants you to brush his belly all the time!  Can't wait to see his kittens coming soon.


MainelySiberian's Axel of PeachHill
Loving teddy bear as Tina says!  Axel is out of Tabitha and is gorgeous!!! 

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