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At first glance the Siberian cat might not seem like they would be well suited for a home with cat allergies.  However, compared to other breeds they can produce lower levels of the

Fel d 1 protein.

The Fel d 1 protein is very small and is created in saliva, skin, tear and anal glands. Fel d1 becomes airborne during grooming. It can stick to fur, carpet, walls, blankets, etc.  It is higher in the litter box when secreted from the anal glad. The allergen is very stable, and can remain in a home for six months after removal of the cat. 

Approximately 80% of those with a history of allergies to horses, rabbits, food allergies to egg white, pork, or break out with hives around cats will still react to low Feld1 Siberians. These people are having secondary reactions to something other than Feld1.  

Therefore, we urge anyone with cat allergies to visit and pet our cats for a while, before making the decision to buy one, in order to test for any reactions. We enjoy meeting people and the cats certainly enjoy the extra attention.

Please understand that hypoallergenic means
It does NOT mean

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